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Controltools.com offers many pre-packaged Embedded Computers including our line of Wall Mounted   computers running  Microsoft Windows XP Embedded or Windows CE 6.0.  To learn more about XP Embedded Computers or how to use a Windows CE based PC go to our Learn Center.

These embedded Small Form Factor computer ( SFF ) solutions are ideal for any single purpose software solution. 

We have customers using these computers for telemetry, building automation, industrial automation, and facility management solutions.  Our XP  Embedded computer are easy to use and can run ANY application that is currently running on Microsoft XP Pro.

Wall Mount Embedded Computer or Wall Mount Embedded PC WALL MOUNT Computer

Desktop to Black Box with our wall mount computer

Become a solution provider by moving your software application off your customers desktop to a wall mount computer


Embedded Computer or Embedded PC in Rack Enclosure RACK MOUNT Computer

One of the smallest 1U Rack Mounts

Less then 9" deep with up to 3 NIC's and room for a 3.5" Hard Drive. 

Dual Mother Board Configurations available also


Embedded Computer or Embedded PC mother boards and Wall Mount Small Form Factor Computers ( SFF ) Motherboards

We can provide XP Embedded and CE 5.0 images  on Compact Flash for ITX mother boards or our own Smaller then ITX  Boards


Controltools is a leading supplier of Embedded PC & Embedded Computer solutions. Microsoft Windows XP Embedded is the basis of an embedded pc.  An Embedded PC is ideal for your single purpose commercial software applications. Our embedded computer can boot from a low cost compact flash or a standard hard drive.  The Enhanced Write Filtering ( EWF ) on an embedded computer will protect the boot partition from corruption. 


If you supply commercial software on a desktop pc see how  an embedded computer and Microsoft XP Embedded can add reliability and value to your sale. Plus, an embedded computer will help you avoid problems with non-billable service calls, just to reset or reinstall software, learn how an Embedded pc and Microsoft XP Embedded can help you avoid this cost call or e-mail us for a quote or to discuss your needs.  solutions@controltools.com

Controltools is committed to involving and partnering with our customers, motivating them to become our strongest advocates. As a company we will:

- Listen to our customers needs - Their input leads to quality products

- Align our customers expectations with our commitments - The basis of customer satisfaction, quality service and support

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